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Since 1854, the “seagull” on Baglietto’s logo is a symbol throughout the nautical world. Today it represents the new shipyard’s drive towards the future.

Italian boat builder Baglietto Spa, based in La Spezia, specializes in the construction of new planning aluminum light alloy yachts ranging between 35 and 50 metres in length and steel & light aluminium alloy displacement mega-yachts above 40 metres. The company’s activities also include world-class ship repair and refitting services, as well as the construction, under the Baglietto Navy brand, of military crafts – the seagull brand’s traditional business. Extending over a more-than-35,000 sq metre area overlooking the Gulf of the Poets – a truly strategic area for mega-yacht traffic in the Tyrrhenian sea -, the shipyard recently completed an extensive reconstruction project that involved both its manufacturing and commercial facilities. Baglietto currently offers its customers a full range of products between 35 m and 65 m in length in the planning (the FAST line, including, a 35 m, a 43 m, and a 46 m model, as well as an 44 m open yacht) and displacement (44 m, 48 m, 48 m Explorer, 55 m, and 62 m) segments, plus the ‘tender’ line, with a 13 m and a 19 m MV model.

Bespoken and recognizable abroad as the Italian shipyard with the longest history. And the most successful one.

That kind of emotion and desire generated through a unique combination between craftsmanship & design. Both made on and around the ship owner.

The pioneering vision of always delivering the best balance between technique and performance.